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The Highest Tea

Posted on 03 Apr 2016 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

For my birthday my parents gave me a gift card for the highest tea in the Netherlands. Which just so happened to be a stone's throw away from where we are living! So yesterday we hopped on a train to The Hague a bit earlier with the intention of having a coffee and browsing the shops, before having our highest tea. We ended up at Hometown Coffee & More, which is located at the Buitenhof ('outer court'). Sipping our coffees, with a view right across the square on the entrance of the adjacent Binnenhof ('inner court'), it was only natural that we ended up there afterwards.

The Binnenhof is the oldest House of Parliament in the world still in use! (which admittedly, I didn't know until this morning thanks to Wikipedia)
After shopping around a bit it was time to head to the Penthouse, with Holland's highest restaurant situated at 135 meters. We took the elevator to the 42nd level, watching the city get smaller and the view wider.
Then we were seated at a table for two, with a spectacular view.

Enjoying a glass of Cava with the city sprawled out below us.

Soon enough the arrival of a hot mini quiche and a small soup announced the start of our high tea.

After our warm snacks, three trays arrived with brownie bites, mini apple pies, chocolate tarts, scones, sandwiches, white chocolate mousse, lemon custard, and tropical fruit salad.

High tea's are always tricky when it comes to the quality of the food and I judge by the scones. The scones turned out to be very small and flat shortbread biscuits, utterly disappointing! The sandwiches and tropical fruit salad were nice, but I really wasn't feeling the rest of the food. Thankfully E had a big appetite and wasn't as picky. Although we both agreed that the chocolate mousse was bland and we left it untouched, safe for the atsina cress on top (which tasted like sweet aniseed). I did really love their tea bar and the selection of teas!

Afterwards we went outside to admire the view better. Overall it was really worth the experience and we had a lovely day out. So thanks, mom & dad :-)


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