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Wicked Wednesday #6

Posted on 30 Mar 2016 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Last year my parents gave me a very special kind of calendar. Instead of featuring 12 pages (one for every month), it has 31 pages (one for every day of the month). Next to each day there is room to jot down something important to me. It can be a thought, a sentiment, or an activity. There is also a small circle next to each entry, where I can add an emoticon or which I can give a specific color. Each month you work your way through the calendar, from front to back. When a new month begins, you start from the front again. This way you can see what happened or how you felt on the same day, one month ago. Not only does each page become an overview of events and thoughts throughout your year, but each day in a new month is also an opportunity to make it a better day than the same day a month or several months ago. How awesome is that?!


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