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Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2016

Posted on 20 Mar 2016 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

From a chocolate festival to a coffee festival... this year is already starting off way better than last year, and we're only 3 months into it ;-)
So yesterday my sister and I checked out the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and by the end we had tried waaaaay too much good coffee. We also tried some vegan barista milk options, but our absolute favorite was the cappuccino made with the Swedish Oatly. We even came back for seconds...

Of course I couldn't resist trying coffee at E's namesake:

With only pure caffeine pumping through our veins it was time to get a proper meal. I'd read somewhere about a promising hummus joint in Amsterdam called Hummus Bistro D&A which we decided to give a try. It did not disappoint! I ordered the roasted root vegetable hummus and my sister went for the natural hummus. Both came plated very artfully, mine with perfectly roasted celeriac, beets, carrots, and parsnip, and my sister's with whole chickpeas (which admittedly tasted very bland). All of it drizzled with olive oil, and a very tasty and fresh green sauce, which bore some resemblance to chimichurri sauce. Loved the freshly baked, wholegrain pita bread on the side!

Now that all the caffeine is gone from my system, I'm having a major case of


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