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Wicked Wednesday #4

Posted on 16 Mar 2016 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Today there's only one thing on my mind:

Nanaimo bars! I mean seriously, I DID NOT want to bring these to work. I wanted to guzzle myself a heart-attack on them. Gah, they were so frickin' delicious. And I have an enormous sugar induced pimple on my forehead to prove it :-S
They were a big hit at work and everyone was like: 'Nana-what?'
So I went ahead and explained that there's a city on Vancouver Island, Canada, that's called Nanaimo. And I was there and I ate Nanaimo bars. Yes barS, as in multiple, 'cause they actually have a Nanaimo bar trail which I so desperately wanted to do. But we still had a ways to go and there was only so much sugar that our blood could absorb. So we went for the traditional Nanaimo bar and a raw/vegan version:


Making a raw version of the bar is on my alarmingly long to-do/must-make list.


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