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Posted on 20 Feb 2016 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Happiness, it cannot be bought, but it can be made. Quite literally, stacks of it:

Alegria means ´happiness´ in Spanish, but it is also the name of a Mexican sweet snack made from popped amaranth seeds and honey, sometimes studded with nuts and seeds. Simply put, it´s the Mexican version of rice krispie treats.
I like to make something similar, using molten chocolate instead of honey, and sometimes I use a mix of puffed amaranth and quinoa. I don´t measure any of the ingredients, I sort of eyeball it. You can´t really go wrong with it! A good starting point is 1 cup dried berries + 2/3 cup nuts/seeds + 1.5 cup puffed grains + 4 oz. molten chocolate. Mix your puffed grains together with any add-ins (such as dried cranberries, goji berries, Inca berries, seeds, nuts, coconut) in a large mixing bowl. Melt some good quality chocolate of a cocoa content to your liking (I prefer 85%) and pour this over your dry ingredients. Mix to coat everything in chocolate. At this point you can see if your mix is too dry (just add some more chocolate) or if there is room for more puffed grains. Transfer to a tray lined with baking paper, spread out and press down. Pop in the freezer to set, then break into pieces.

This stuff is seriously addictive and I always have a batch on hand in the freezer. I love a few pieces with my afternoon coffee, but I also love to crumble some on top of my breakfast yogurt.


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