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Mad Chocolate

Posted on 07 Feb 2016 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

I'm not even going to begin to explain my 6 month absence from this space. What happened? Life happened! With a lot of downs and some ups, leaving me at a loss for words. I started typing a post at the end of 2015, deleted it, retyped it, and then just gave it up all together. Anything I had to say seemed pointless and I simply couldn't be bothered.
And all it took was one event. One event to be re-inspired, and for the first time in a very long time, actually be excited about something again. I'm not just talking about any event, but about Chocoa, the chocolate festival that I attended yesterday.
Ever since I tried my hand at making my own chocolate using cacao liquor, cacao butter, coconut oil, cacao powder, and various sweeteners (from sugar to agave syrup) and add-ins (from lucuma powder to dried fruits), I've been fascinated with it. So when yesterday, I managed to obtain the last ticket to the 'Making chocolate at home!' demo after standing in a ridiculously long queue, I knew it must have been fate working in my favor. Finally! About time!

During the 45 minute demo, the owner of Indi chocolate, a small bean to bar business making artisan chocolate, I learned a lot of interesting things. Most importantly, I learned that bean to bar chocolate making isn't something I can merely dream about. It's something I can realize! It's an actual possibility which I am seriously considering.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to register for any other demo's/workshops due to the large attendance, but I did explore the festival, tasted a lot of good chocolate, met a lot of chocolate makers and learned about their products. I also bought a small fortune worth of chocolate, some for myself and some as a gift for others. My absolute favorite at the fair this year were the bars from KACAU. They offered phenomenal flavor combinations and their packaging was equally stunning.

Unfortunately they weren't selling their product yesterday, but after pleading with them in Spanish (yes this gal will do anything for a good bar), they were so kind to supply me with free samples of my favorite flavors and a bar of Matcha & Lemon.

Mil gracias! <3
Next runner-up IMO, were the bars from Mucho Mundo Chocolate. This is the third year in a row that I visited them at the fair and they always have exciting flavors. Last year I bought a white chocolate with chipotle chili which was to die for, as was their Naranja y Cardamom (orange & cardamom) bar. I was very happy to find that they had added a few new flavors to their collection, like the Mole and Pasilla chile chocolate bars.

The most intriguing new-comer at the fair was Earth Loaf, an artisan chocolate maker from India.

It's the first time I encounter a handcrafted chocolate bar from India, let alone a raw chocolate bar! The lady at their stand explained to me that the Indian palate is tuned to very sweet, and so artisan (raw) chocolate is not so popular there yet since it requires some adjusting of their palate.

I have some other interesting bars and stories to share, but that will be for another time. For now I'll leave you with the definition of mad chocolate. It was the term that the owner of Indi chocolate used to describe untempered chocolate: Mad chocolate - chocolate that's lost its temper.


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