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This Girl Does Not One Cookie Baketh

Posted on 19 Jul 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

This weekend I channeled my inner cookie monster and went on a cookie baking frenzy. From bakery style peanut butter cookies to homemade Oreo's and Anzac biscuits, this girl just couldn't decide, so instead of baking one, she baked all three kinds!

I used the following recipes:

They all turned out frickin' delicious. The secret? Farm fresh butter. Whatever you do, don't hold back on the butter! You can easily cut back on sugar in these recipes, in fact I used only half of what was called for and subbed the other half with stevia, but please don't sub out the butter.
Sure, you can make cookies with less butter, or even without butter, and they'd still be very tasty. But on that rare occasion that you are baking cookies to eat and share, why would you? A little bit of fat isn't going to hurt you. When it comes to sweets and treats I like to stick to Michale Pollan's food rule: Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself. Pollan’s advice: “Enjoy these treats as often as you’re willing to prepare them—chances are good it won’t be every day.”


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