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Space Time Conundrum

Posted on 11 Jul 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

I have been dealing with a space time conundrum, albeit of a different kind than that which physicists are scratching their heads over. You see, I seem to never have the time to sit down and update my blog. As for space, I'm always running out of it, especially where the kitchen is concerned. But today my space time conundrum appears to follow Edgar Allan Poe's statement "Space and duration are one", for I have found time to write and created space in my kitchen.
So much has happened in the last month, but rather than dwell on what was four-something weeks ago, I'd like to share a part of today. Today welcomed me with my first zucchini blossom!

The balcony garden is growing nicely, although lice continue to be a problem. Fortunately our strawberries aren't affected by lice and haven't yet been discovered by birds.

After checking on our 'crop', we set out to scratch another item from my bucket list. I'd been meaning to visit Rotterdam's temple to food, de Markthal, for a while, but never got round to it what with my time conundrum and all...
I didn't just want to go for the food, which almost sounds convincing, given the fact that I'm an incurable foodie. But the market hall is located underneath a tunnel-like building with a magnificent ceiling. The Guardian wrote a very nice piece about it in English, for those who are interested. The artists describe the ceiling as "the Big Bang of fruit", although I spotted a giant prawn, a head of broccoli, and a head of garlic floating around amidst this colorful sea of fruit.

A "Big Bang of produce" would be better fitting. We explored the food market and squashed our burger craving at Pickles.

I picked up a few pots of local organic peanut butter, Zeemansboter ('Sailors butter'), while E braved the queue at Le Souq to buy me Lebanese cookies.

Then three sausages from Monsieur Saucisson added to my space conundrum. Where does one a sausage hang?

This space-become-sausage-conundrum led to a genius hack, if I may say so: a mountain hook and a Neo Web magnet became a sausage-hanging set-up. The cling film and garbage bag twist-tie help prevent Herbes de Provence ending up all over the place. With my conundrum solved, today proved to be very satisfying ;-)


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