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Get Your Sprout(s) On!

Posted on 25 May 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Now that the temps are rising and we finally have our balcony back (after months of ongoing painting maintenance to our flat), we've taken to sprouting stuff. Both inside and outside. After overwintering our cream pink Sundaville plant, more so to protect it from harsh winds than cold, E pruned her and we 'set her free' outdoors next to our strawberry and zucchini plants. The decorative frog plant ties were a gift from my parents. I can't wait for the Sundaville to start flowering again!

Meanwhile, indoors, E is sprouting radish seeds with his new sprouting toy: a glass germinator jar.

We used to have a sprouting tray (see photo below), but it kept getting knocked over by the cats and we simply found it impractical.

We are very enthusiastic about this germinator jar though. Easy to use, easy to rinse, cat-proof, and it actually works!
While E is into micro-greens, I'm a bean sprouts kind of girl. My favorite are mung bean sprouts. They're so easy to make. I recently sprouted a large batch in plastic storage containers, but next time I'll be trying out the hemp sprouting sack which I recently bought.
Our micro-greens tend to end up on sandwiches, but the bean sprouts end up everywhere. I love stir-frying them with spices, adding desiccated coconut flakes and nuts, and eating them as a snack or using them to add crunch to salads.

They also make for a delicious hummus. Or you can process them in a food processor to a finer texture (but not paste) and use it to make a pizza crust. No need for adding anything other than spices/herbs to your liking.


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