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Cycling Through the Dutch Polders

Posted on 14 May 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

By chance I stumbled upon the fact that today, ascension day, is also Polder day (polder = reclaimed land) here.

I was surfing the internet for some nice walking trails, when I came across this bit of news. Apparently it is organized every year and this year there were four cycling routes to choose from, all of them in our 'neighborhood'. I suggested to E that we do the Kaag & Braassem route, which we mistakenly thought was only 17 km from the starting point.

This actually turned out to be *ahum* 27 km... and that's not counting the distance to the starting point. We registered and collected our bicycle map at the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden, when apparently, we could've collected it at the petting zoo right outside our front door! Maybe next time we should read the program more carefully?! All in all we ended up cycling a grand total of 40 km :-O

When we came back I was surprised that we'd been gone so long, still under the impression that we hadn't covered more than 25 km or so. As we were putting our bikes away, I complained to E that 'we're not used to anything anymore!'. LOL.

But we had fantastic cycling weather and we saw a little more of the region we're living in, so we can't complain. Along the route, farms and monuments were open to the public, and there were all kinds of activities in which to partake. I would definitely do it again next year if the weather permits.


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