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40 Years & A Family Reunion

Posted on 07 May 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

A long, long, time ago, 40 years to be precise, the two most precious people in my world committed to each other in this register office (Campina Grande, Brazil):

From Brazil to Tanzania to Zimbabwe to Ecuador to Nicaragua and back to Holland, they stuck together, bringing two beautiful and intelligent - if I may say so myself - daughters into this world. They never had a wedding celebration, but decided to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary instead. This happened last Saturday, and it turned into a sweet family reunion.

My aunt Jose, uncle Roberto, and two cousins Francesca and Barbara, came over from Italy for the occasion, bringing about 20 liters of really good wine and my beloved taralli (in 3 different flavors!). There were also some longtime friends from way back, even all the way to my parents' Brazil-era. Even my sweet oma was there, and when I mentioned to her that 40 years was a long time, she said: 'Oh, dear child, your grandfather and I were married for 67 years...'
So, mom, dad, that's the time to beat ;-)
But what to give to people who claim to already have everything they need? My parents have shown me the light on so many occasions, that I thought it'd only be appropriate to return this favor.

So I got them sunshine in a mason jar, aka the solar jar. Wherever they go, they can take the light with them. There were a lot of thoughtful gifts, but this little gem was my favorite:

My cousin Barbara told a friend about my parents, and based on that her friend made an artistic representation of them. It's so fitting and accurate, I'm really impressed.


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