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Fabulous In My 30's

Posted on 12 Apr 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Almost one month ago I turned the big THREE-OH.
I decided to celebrate this on my last day in my twenties by arranging a high tea for my family at Lof der Zoetheid in Rotterdam. A venue which came recommended by several colleagues and foodie magazines. Thus expectations were high. When we arrived the table was beautifully and enticingly laid out, and we sat salivating and displaying admirable self-restraint, while we waited for my uncles to arrive. This self-restraint lasted until warm and fresh scones were set on the table. I have a weakness for scones and after all, it was my party so I'll eat scones when I want to ;-)

The scones were everything they whispered to me, nice and crunchy on the outside with a lovely crumbly and airy texture on the inside. Slathered with clotted cream <3 We didn't finish everything, but the waitress arrived with boxes so we could take the rest home. And we didn't even have to ask for it! In the Netherlands 'doggy-bags' are very uncommon, so I thought this was a huge plus. No food waste!
The next day, on my actual birthday, E took me to 'T Geertje for a huge dose of animal love. I think I knocked over a few kids to get in with the most adorable, fuzzy, and playful baby goats:

They chewed on my hair, tried to eat my gloves, clambered and slobbered all over me, but come on, how can you not love them?! And they were all in for cuddling. I tried the same cuddling approach back home with my cats, but they weren't quite as forgiving ^^


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