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Let It Snow

Posted on 22 Feb 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Gosh, has it been one month already since my last post?! That just goes to show how crazy busy it's been around here. But today I'm here to let it snow... one giant Nutella snowflake.

I truly love braiding bread, it transforms something plain into something awesome. I, or rather we (I always like getting E involved in the braiding), have tried our hands at several 'braiding' projects:

But the Nutella snowflake froze our minds:

It looks very complex, but it really doesn't take a lot of effort to create. And it is so worth the WOW-factor! I used Nutella because I've had a jar of it sitting around for a year... yeah, that's how much we love putting it on our bread. But you could obviously use something else, such as jam or a cinnamon/sugar filling. You can use your favorite dough recipe. I used a brioche dough, to make it extra decadent. Just Google 'braided Nutella snowflake' for inspiration, tips, and step-by-step tutorials, made by people that had more time to do so ;-)


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