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Best Date EVER!

Posted on 18 Jan 2015 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

The best date ever is a coffee date. Covered in chocolate and with some macadamia/cashew butter sandwiched in between.

When I was in London, my bigger-than-my-stomach eyes tricked me into buying a few overpriced chocolate covered dates. At 5 British pounds per two, they had to be spectacular, wouldn't they? They proved to be utterly disappointing: crap quality chocolate, dried out, and they hadn't even removed the pit!
Surely this can be done better and cheaper, I thought. So I bought some nice, fat, plum, and soft medjool dates from one of my favorite market stands in Leiden (Ilias delicatessen). They let me taste one first, so I was assured of their quality. I set about cutting them in half (but not all the way through) to remove the pits. Then I overstuffed them with homemade macadamia/cashew nut butter, because everything tastes better with nut butter. Sprinkled some coarsely ground organic espresso beans on top for a crunch and a kick and put my babies in the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

I pulled some super dark chocolate bars (92% cocoa content from Vivani) from my chocolate lair, of which I proceeded to melt more chocolate than necessary. But hey, I could always cover something else in chocolate, like espresso beans. I had way too much fun dipping dates in chocolate and getting brown smears all over the kitchen and my face (huh, how did that happen). And the result was totally worth it, so a win-win! These dates are THA BOMB!!!


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