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Four Weddings & One New Uncle

Posted on 17 Nov 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

This whole wedding business must be viral or something ;-) I attended four weddings this year! But dare I say I saved the best wedding for last?!
The fourth and last wedding of this year (unless one of my friends is planning a spontaneous last minute event) was that of my uncle Guido.

I'm so happy for him that he found love again after the passing of uncle Paul. Even on his wedding day there was plenty of reference to uncle Paul. The wedding lunch was at his and Guido's favorite restaurant in Nijmegen (which is also where we gathered for a meal after his funeral), and the gift request was a donation to uncle Paul's church. My new uncle Herbert is ever so respectful of this and it is one of the many reasons that Guido loves him. It was also very special that my grandma (Guido's) mom was there to witness it all at 95 years old. After a short but funny ceremony we went to lunch at Restaurant Vesters:

I thought the wedding favors were a sweet touch ^^

Good food, way too much chocolate and countless glasses of an amazing red wine later... then I decided to get some photos taken with oma and my sister before she went home.

It was extremely tiresome for oma, but she wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any of it!
I even got a rare shot of E and I together, along with some pretty pics of me all dressed up:

Cheers to the newly weds!


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