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I Had a Party Once...

Posted on 03 Nov 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

I <3 Grumpy Cat! For those who are unfamiliar with Grump Cat (shame on you!), let me introduce him:

So when E tried to convince me to throw a party for our 10th anniversary, I said: 'Fine, but it will be a Halloween party and you're going to make me a Grumpy Cat pumpkin!'
We had many visions for the party, both decoration- as well as food-wise. We also grotesquely underestimated the time it would take to transform our living room into a haunted cellar and our dining table into a spook-tacular buffet. With only 15 minutes remaining before the first guests would arrive we still had to put on our costumes and set everything up. But somehow we managed and pulled it off:

The guests started showing up in wicked costumes and soon it was ready for the Queen of Hearts (aka me) to open the buffet:

Everybody seemed to be having a great time :-)

And judging by the food ravage, I seemed to have done a good job in the kitchen. I was especially pleased to find the fire (rainbow carrot sticks and sliced bell pepper) beneath my 'witches brew dip' (black bean hummus) almost completely 'burned out':

I wish I'd had the time to take some proper photos of the dishes I made... the only close-up I have is of the Spooky Pasta Salad (wholegrain reindeer-shaped pasta decorated with cucumber pumpkins and an olive/cherry tomato snake):

My friend Joline also brought an amazing pumpkin pie, bloody fingers (sausages with ketchup), and creepy eyeballs (deviled eggs) to the table.
The best part for me though, was the way E had decorated our door:

I think he took like a dozen pictures of me with Grumpy Cat and on none of them I was able to stop laughing or keep my eyes open. But come on, how could anybody stay serious if a grinning banana is photographing you with a Grumpy Cat pumpkin?!
I had a party once... and it was EPIC ^^ And it was awesome to relive some of the Halloween spent in Vegas in 2010:


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