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To Kill a Parsnip

Posted on 26 Oct 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

When a colleague asked me if I wanted some homegrown parsnips, I couldn't refuse. So a 2 kilos worth of parsnip it was :-O 'What are you going to do with them?', another colleague asked. Little did he realize I'm the Queen of Parsnip Killing ;-)
Parsnips that crossed my path have found their way into quiches:

Into soups:

Into breads:

But this big-ass baby...

Ended up in roasted parsnip & carrot 'hummus':

I found this Parsnip Hummus Dip recipe and used a mix of roasted parsnip and carrots (about 350 g), with 90 g tahini, the juice of one lime and 300 mL (1.25 c) of almond milk instead of the filtered water and olive oil. I also added a dash of smoked paprika and some freshly ground dried red chili. The result was a sweet, smoky, and slightly spicy dip that tasted great in wraps, on sandwiches or just on its own.


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