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If Chocolate Is the Answer

Posted on 24 Oct 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Surfing the web for chocolate-related quotes will get you a gazillion fun results. My favorite find of today: "If chocolate is the answer, the question is irrelevant!"
Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to increase a pant size in one afternoon? Yes? Then I have just the thing for you:

It's no secret that one of my not-so-secret indulgences is chocolate bark. Barks have made an appearance more than once on my blog:

Chocolate barks are easy to make and fun. They are also an excellent way to combine all your favorite sweets in one. I love mixing in kruidnoten, fudge, nougat, marzipan and buttery biscuits. A little sea salt to finish it off and we're in business.

I'll be making a lot of friends at work on Monday with this bark.

I might also have to emBARK on a shopping mission tomorrow to find me a pair of larger pants.


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