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Savory Veggie Cakes

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

So often I get asked how I create my recipes, how I decide on which dish to make. The inquirer is most often left with an unsatisfactory answer. Usually something along the lines of: 'Uhm. I don't know. It sort of just... happens?!'
Take for example this veggie cake:

When it came out of the oven, accompanied by its own little army of golden roasted veggie cakes, even I asked myself: 'How on earth did THIS just HAPPEN?!'
Well, it all started with a trip to the store, where cauliflower just HAPPENED to be 30 euro cents (a little under 40 dollar cents) per head. Oh, and wouldn't you know, leeks were 2-for-1 this weekend. And surprise, surprise, celeriac root was sold with 30% discount. Thus a shopping cart with two heads of cauliflower, two leeks, one giant celeriac root, pink onions (also part of the 30% deal) and then some HAPPENED. This seems to be a recurring 'problem' by the way.
After happily breaking my back on hauling my veggie loot home, I opened the fridge and tried not to despair when a kilo of carrots and 3 zucchini sang at me: 'Oops! You did it again. Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.'
So I did what I always do, hide my impulse veggie buy in the oven. But this only works for so long, 50 minutes at 180°C, give or take. Then I decided to hide them in cakes/bars and feed them to E. Ha, he'd never know how much veg he was eating! One head of roasted cauliflower, one celeriac root - peeled, quartered, roasted -, one raw zucchini, 3 raw carrots, 3 raw onions, one leek, an old chunk of cheese (about 150 g), and some leftover chorizo (< 100 g) met their fate at my MagiMix grater blade. Ah, what the hell, might as well use up that kilo package of frozen grated cassava root that's been lying around in my freezer for ages. To keep things from falling apart I decided a smoothly blended mixture of two whole eggs, 3 egg whites, and 200 g reduced fat cottage cheese would do. I filled up two silicon muffin (6 muffins each) trays and a lasagna dish and baked the whole thing until golden. That my friends, is how these veggie cakes just HAPPENED. And yes, I HAPPENED to have a pot of green olive tapenade in my fridge and a jar of dehydrated rainbow carrot chips, which made for the perfect garnish.


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