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Not Dead Just Floating

Posted on 21 Aug 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

PINK pretty much sums up my last 4 weeks in her song: I'm not dead just yet, I'm not dead just floating...
I'm floating from birthday party to bachelorette party to wedding and another wedding and then I'm literally floating to Ameland for a long weekend away with my family-in-law. In between all the floating I'm recovering from a brutal SI joint injury, which I intend to write more once gravity pulls me down.
I don't know how my weekends got so crazy busy. One day I woke up and my grandma turned 95!!! So I drove down South for a lunch on with my mom, sister, uncle and his fiancee, and of course my beautiful oma.

It was an extremely warm and sunny day, perfect for ice cream. Sparks always fly when we get together ^^

Then there was my friend Joline's bachelorette party, which was organized by her friends and her younger sister. My sole contribution was being the chauffeur that day. Which was totally fine by me, since I had an awesome time picnicking, riding a scooter through beautiful Twente, eating ice cream, and cooking up one heck of a Indonesian dinner together with the rest of the girls. And I'm not even the one getting married!

Riding a scooter was a first for me. We looked like some biker's club with those red and blue bandana's.
The Indonesian cooking workshop was so much fun!

And we ended up with way too much food. We even took home doggie err boyfriend bags ;-)

The next weekend I headed down South again, after slightly (one hour ahum) detouring to pick up my mom, for a wedding. My mom had booked an overnight stay at the cutest B&B, de Ezelgasterij, where we stayed in an adorable wooden cabin amidst donkeys!!! Yup, I did my share of therapeutic donkey hugging. Although they were more interested in chewing on the zipper of my back pocket.

But let's face it... nothing beats hugging my oma <3 all the therapy I'll ever need!


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