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We Adopted!

Posted on 13 Jun 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Last weekend we went to the Appelparade at the Olmenhorst estate. We'd been to the Olmenhorst estate before, once to partake in a chocolate making workshop, and another time to check out their annual Veggie Fair. We enjoyed ourselves so much on both occasions that we decided to give their Appelparade a go too! It did not disappoint!

We had phenomenal weather and the fair was set up really nicely. There was a culinary market, music stage, entertainment, and there were all kinds of other stands selling fairtrade/organic/eco items (from food to baby clothes). I plundered the culinary market, obviously. Just a few items that I picked up:

My absolute favorite are the honey roasted nuts from Virgin Nuts. I ended up buying the three kinds they were offering that day: honey roasted macadamias with sea salt, mixed honey roasted nuts with sea salt, and mixed honey roasted nuts with sea salt and chili. It's a pity that I cannot buy their nuts online or at a shop, but only at fairs :-( But maybe I should be grateful, because I simply cannot stop eating them!
The Choc'Fleurs chocolate bar was a new to me chocolate brand, but one look at their ingredients and a few tastes of their different bars made me really happy. All-natural organic and fair trade ingredients. Beautiful bars, decorated with edible flowers. I went for the hibiscus one, because I adore everything hibiscus.
I also left with a non-food item :-O I know, shocker! But the colors called out to me and I simply couldn't resist the funky prints and awesome concept of this wrap skirt from Zand Amsterdam:

Yup, that's one and the same skirt in the photos above, just inside out. And I haven't even gotten round to changing the top band. Check out their YouTube video to see how it works!
I left E alone with some cherry ice cream for just a few minutes... and when I came back he announced that we'd adopted.
Or actually he'd adopted FOR ME.
An APPLE TREE ^^ We'll be returning to the Olmenhorst somewhere in August/September, to pick apples from our tree. How cool is that, huh?!


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