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Posted on 06 Jun 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

That would be my middle name ;-) I guess I sometimes just go A.W.O.L. on you guys! I promise you a team photo of the Jacobs 10K team and boom... I'm gone missing in action for nearly three weeks.
I'm going to make it up you! Because not only do I have the promised team photo, but I also have a few of the cross fun training that I participated in. You see, usually every year Jacobs organizes a running clinic starting somewhere in April and leading up to right before the Leiden marathon. Not this year though, this year Jacobs sponsored a cross fun training. Which was basically an outdoors boot camp that left most people crippled after the first session. How fun! *wink wink*
But first, as promised:

Now back to cross fun (our two personal trainers are up front):

It was a lot of plyometrics (squat jumps, jumping jacks, jumping rope), running, burpees, pushups, lunges... To be honest, I only joined for three sessions (out of the 8 total) as the training (times) didn't fit well into my own intensive training schedule. And I pulled a muscle. Or two. Unfortunately I participated long enough to get caught on camera ;-)

Planking it out and scuttling across the field like a crab. Can't you tell I'm having a blast?! ^^

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a long weekend due to Whit Sunday. And from what I've heard, it might even be time to pull out a dress. Word has it the temperatures are going to be tropical.


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