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Leiden Marathon 10K

Posted on 18 May 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Today E and I participated for the second year in a row in the Leiden Marathon, again sponsored by my employer Jacobs. E went for the 5K distance and I signed up for the 10K.
It was 22°C, sunny, and there wasn't very much wind. That would be considered hot (running) weather in Holland. So I pulled out my running hot pants and gave it my all (as usual):

How far I've come since the very first race (also a 10K) I ever ran... back then I was thrilled with my time of 52:10. Today I shaved off nearly 3 minutes of that time and I was still complaining about being slow! Considering the circumstances - weather, new (foot) injuries - I should be very happy with that time.
I did immensely enjoy the run, tough and devastatingly hot as it was (I know, we're not used to anything here). I was really touched by all those bystanders cheering us on, offering wet sponges and water, and I'm forever grateful to the many people who stood on the sidewalks with garden hoses to spray cold water on those who wanted. I got myself hosed down whenever I could ;-) And I stopped twice at the water stations even though I only took a few sips and it cost me time. But after seeing many people collapse due to the heat I thought it was wiser to play it safe.
I hope to be putting up a team photo of the 10K group later this week!


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