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Posted on 18 Apr 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

This time I saved the best for last! Our last trip into the rainforest in Suriname led us towards Palumeu, home to the Trio and Wajana indians. We stayed in a river cabin, which was basic, clean, and equipped with with very decent mosquito nets. Before sunrise, a thermos with hot water was delivered at our cabin, so we could enjoy a cup of coffee/tea from our river-side balcony and watch the mist drift up from the river and rainforest while the sun rose and the world awoke.

Even though our accommodations in Palumeu were primitive in comparison to all the other places we stayed, E and I both agreed it was the best part of our holiday. Whether it was due to the funny local guides from the village, the amazing local food (cassava fries, roti, wild boar meat, anjumara fish, plenty of fresh fruit), or the beautiful flora and fauna, we don't know... it probably also didn't hurt that we were both feeling fit and healthy and able to fully participate in the program. My favorite part was getting up and in a boat at 6 am, drifting in the middle of the river and waiting for the sun to rise. Afterwards we had breakfast on a rock.

I also really enjoyed going to the Mabuka waterfalls/rapids. I'd forgotten my slippers at the base camp and the guide insisted I wear his: 'Your feet are not used to these rocks'. The 'rain' part of the forest started pouring down on us then. I sat in the tepid rapids, laughing in the rain like a crazy person.

I was really sad when our last day arrived. I could've stayed there forever...

The rainforest is such a serene and beautiful place to be. I'm glad I got to be part of it, if only for a little while.


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