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Posted on 04 Apr 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Kabalebo is a beautiful and luxury resort situated deep in the Amazon rainforest, accessible only by air. What better place to celebrate your birthday?!
Despite feeling like my skull could crack anytime with all the pressure buildup as a result of flying, it was pretty cool getting the co-pilot's seat. Turning older does have some perks, ha!

For two whole days I rotated between hammock and bed, resting/sleeping off the fever and sinus infection, while the rest of the group (including E) was out hiking or swimming in the river. Even though I could imagine worse places to be ill, I was over the moon when I woke up feeling much better and able to do one short hike to the Moi Moi falls. The guide pointed out plants and trees with their (medicinal) uses. They pretty much have a tree for everything (from shampoo to candles)!

The last day we went canoeing in the morning. This time E stayed behind, because my illness seemed to have passed on to him :-(

Despite our health hick-ups we had an amazing stay at Kabalebo. We stayed at the Inspiration Point (rather than the main lodge) and this allowed us more privacy and quiet, adding to the whole experience of a complete retreat from modern life/communications.
It was also remarkable that they managed to cook up a feast every single meal, when you know they rely for the greater part on the limited provisions that are flown in.


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