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Warappa Kreek & Mariënburg

Posted on 30 Mar 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

We spent two nights in Frederiksdorp: the first to recover from the swamp mosquitoes and the second to sleep off all the food we consumed during the Warappa Kreek tour. We were (wrongly) under the impression that the Warappa Kreek tour would be a plantation tour, taking us on a journey passed historical plantation sites. It turned out to be more of a wildlife watching trip on a very full stomach. The first stop was at the still functioning citrus plantation Alliance, where we enjoyed a 'starter': saoto soup. This is a chicken broth based soup loaded with bean sprouts, shredded chicken, potatoes, and fried vermicelli. As if that isn't enough, it is served with a hard-boiled egg in the soup, and a bowl of rice, which you're supposed to put in your soup. Needless to say, it's pretty hefty for a starter!
Next up was the former coffee plantation Bakkie, where we had bami for lunch. After a visit to the museum we were on our way to the Warappa Kreek, which is a 9 K channel that was dug out in 2007/2008 (it took 7 months!), along which old plantations used to lie. The channel opens up into the Atlantic ocean and on our way there we could see the original ‘ring dams’, the only plantation ruins that survived. We also spotted a caiman, funny flying fish, crabs, and the Scarlet Ibis. E also spotted a sloth. Our guide kept on offering us food: bakove (small sugar bananas), sugar cane chunks, banana chips, and cassava chips. When we returned to Frederiksdorp we decided to skip dinner.

The next day we saddled up, crossed the river with our bikes to Mariënburg and visited the former sugarcane plantation/factory ruins.

We were led around by an old man who insisted on taking photos of E and me together, instructing us to pose in various ways. It was hilarious! We also got him to pose with us:

This was the best photo from our 'photo shoot':

From Mariënburg we took an alternate route back to Paramaribo, crossing the Suriname river at Meerzorg instead of Nieuw Amsterdam. We were completely exhausted and dehydrated by the time we returned our bicycles to Zus&Zo, so it was a good thing we had some time to recover before heading to Kabalebo.


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