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Goodie Box

Posted on 09 Feb 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Friday my monthly Streekbox was delivered and it has kept me in the kitchen for the greater part of this weekend! Whether it was fate or coincidence, I don't care, but boy was I happy to get another loaf of 'Noors Pompoenpitten' bread (although it was regular and not spelt).
To give you an impression of the Streekbox, below is a list of this week's contents (highlighted in orange are the contents of our box):

I like how they show the origin of each product. The result of an afternoon of cooking and half of the box:

The red cabbage and ginormous rutabaga alone, are enough to feed us throughout the week. For the braised red cabbage I used one of the apples (grated), two handfuls of cranberries, and a splash of Dutch gin from the box. The curried potato salad consisted of the two types of potatoes that came in the box, and half of the rutabaga (cubed). I decided to make rösti of the other half, by grating it and mixing it with two heaping tablespoons of chickpea flour. It made two huge Dutch pancake sized rösti.
Below is a sampling of the 'not-so-standard' items that came in the box:

And then there's still three types of cow's milk cheese, a cucumber, a bunch of celery, sour cream, fresh spelt pasta, and these beauties:

Dill and rosemary.
I'm thinking of making a celery and goat feta slaw later this week, with some fresh dill and cubed cucumber. Maybe a sprinkling of cranberries on top?
E and I are now also getting our dairy products locally. We buy it from a farm located just 5K from us (below a photo I got from google maps):

At first I was a bit weary of the full-fat products, as I cannot tolerate store-bought full-fat dairy (it gives me acid reflux and digestive discomfort). But these farm-fresh products didn't give me any trouble at all! I'm thinking it's because they're way less processed. And we're loving the taste, the yogurt is wonderfully mild tasting (and thus awesome for making dressings/sauces) and the milk (which comes in a bucket) is rich and creamy:

I've yet to try the quark (which is a low-fat type btw). Any glass containers that their products come in contain a deposit, so we rinse them out and return them the following week.
I really love the fact that every time we're supporting local (and Dutch) producers, and really price-wise it's not more expensive than shopping at the supermarket.


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