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Favorite Market Finds

Posted on 02 Feb 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Yesterday E and I decided to check out the market in Haarlem. We were thrilled to find some of our favorite stands there: bread from Le Perron, English pies from, and the best pork products from the Berkshire Butcher.
Le Perron bread was completely unknown to me until I moved to Leiden. Now I get it every month in my streekbox and I always look forward to it:

Every time it's a surprise to see what kind of bread I get and I always finish it way too fast. So yesterday I bought a loaf of 'Bio Noors Pompoenpit Spelt' at the market and when I came home and had a slice I wanted to hit myself over the head for not buying more ;-)

The pork from the Berkshire Butcher is a product I often buy at Marqt. Funny, really, since pork is the one type of meat I've always loathed eating. But the pork from the Berkshire Butcher tastes nothing like any pork I've ever had. It doesn't even smell like pork typically does when you prepare it. It may be a bit more expensive, but it's worth every penny in our eyes. We don't eat a lot of meat, perhaps once or twice a week? So when we do eat meat, we choose to eat high quality organic meat from happy farm animals. It's as their receipt says: 'The proof is in the taste.'

And then there is the Pie Man... boy do I love pies! Especially the English kind. It brings back memories of the gas station in Kariba (Zimbabwe) that we passed to/from school. The gas station had a shop with wonderful pies (chicken was my favorite back then) and it was always a treat to have a pie and a coke. Yeah I know, I used to gulp down Coca-Cola by the gallon in Zimbabwe, unbelievable huh?! Right until the moment my dentist in Ecuador told me how destructive it was for my teeth. But anyway, back to the pies. The pies from the Pie Man are a real treat and they sell all kinds: vegetarian lentil, African Boboti, lamb curry, steak, and seasonal pies (which happens to be wild game at the moment):

We will definitely be frequenting the Haarlem market more often. Apart from the stands I mentioned the market hosted quite a few more culinary stands which we've yet to try.


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