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50 Shades

Posted on 31 Jan 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

The last two weeks I've been training very hard. Basically I've decided to add cycling to my list of workouts. Come Spring, I plan to add swimming to the list as well. Does that ring any bells?! Yes, I'd like to try my hand at triathlon training and see how it goes. Even if I never compete in a triathlon Sprint or Intermediate distance, becoming more of an all-round athlete won't hurt, right?!
Right now I'm just getting my body used to training twice a day. Run in the morning, bike in the afternoon. Walk to/from work, strength training after work. That sort of thing. To make things more interesting, I've started experimenting with youtube workouts. POP pilates Abs on Fire had me crying and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (Level 1) made me hate jumping jacks all over again!

While there was a lot of activity going on the last two weeks, the kitchen saw the least of it! As E and I are leaving on holiday to Suriname in little over a month, we've been eating out of our freezer so we can turn it off in our absence. We can't really complain since there is a lot of good stuff stashed in there. I was especially pleased to find several homemade pies from my pie-crazy phase. Back then I was making pies all over the place: vegetarian lentil-based ones, chicken/chorizo/leek pies, hand pies, star-shaped pies, large pies... I swear it was like 50 shades of pie! And apparently I had the good sense to photograph them as well:

Maybe I'll share some more freezer surprises with you guys this weekend. You'd be amazed at what we've got in ours ;-)


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