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Fresh Start

Posted on 01 Jan 2014 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

For us, 2014 is marked by a fresh start. Quite literally! At exactly 13.00 hours (1 p.m.) 1000 people ran and splashed into the icy waters of the North Sea. We were among that number.

Ever since E and I met, he's been saying: 'This year I'm going to do the New Year's dive.' After 8 years of saying it, he finally did it. And after 8 years of me replying: 'If you're going to do it, then so am I!', I had to put my money where my mouth is.
There are many locations in the Netherlands where a New Year's dive is organized by Unox, and we opted for Noordwijk rather than the famous Scheveningen dive. As we drove to Noordwijk, the radio channels were broadcasting how this year's dive would be a 'warm bath' compared to previous years. The water temperature was 7C, and supposedly warmer than the ambient temperature. We arrived 40 minutes before the start and there was a fierce cold wind. No shelter, no changing areas. Just the typical Dutch 'suck it up and get on with it' mentality. 30 minutes before start the limit of 1000 people was reached. When the clock hit 5 minutes I started to undress and when it hit 3 minutes I found myself cursing and regretting every second that I stood on the ice cold sand.

The sand was so cold that it literally hurt my feet. The running part seemed to take forever, but I was actually looking forward to the promised 'warm' water. Which turned out to be a big fat lie! O.M.G. If this was considered warm I don't want to know how it usually is! But I managed to dip in and crawl back to our bag and coats. After getting dressed on the beach, with 999 others, it was time to get my certificate and erwtensoep (split pea soup).

Then we quickly went home for a hot shower. 2014, we are so ready for you ^^


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