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Posted on 27 Dec 2013 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Today it is exactly one year ago since we moved into our new crib! Happy home anniversary to us ^^
Even though we moved in one year ago, it was just last week that we got round to some home improvement projects that have been on our list since forever. After trying two different types of drills that almost died whilst drilling in our rock-hard concrete walls, we sort of gave up and left everything on the floor. Then one of my colleagues lent us his rotary hammer drill, assuring me that it would get any job done. He was right! So we went out and bought ourselves a corded 650W rotary hammer drill. And finally we were able to hang up some stuff:

We hung the sword above the kitchen door and my beloved Teal'c now gazes upon the sword from his spot above our new IKEA EXPEDIT shelving unit. We also got a new TV bench from IKEA and moved the old one (unpainted wood) into the corner, where it now serves as a router cabinet. E also very cleverly concealed all the cables using cable trunking.

And yes, we do realize that we have a ridiculous amount of cat toys ;-) Just blame it on toxoplasmosis...
Speaking of cats, we were also able to put up the cat artwork that I bought in Olinda (Brazil) and my uncle helped frame.

Cats, cats, and more cats. Yes, it's definitely starting to feel more like home :-p


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