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Fool's Fruit

Posted on 04 Dec 2013 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Don't be fooled by the looks that I got. I'm still I'm still sugar in a block ;-) But man, do I love me some marzipan. It's one of my guilty pleasures. When Sinterklaas is getting close, I start jumping up and down and bugging E: 'You know what time it almost is??? Time to officially stock up on marzipan, kruidnoten, and pepernoten!'
I say officially, because I have this self-imposed rule that I cannot buy any Sinterklaas goodies before 15 November. They start selling the stuff like at the end of summer :-O Which I think is a pity. It should be a seasonal thing and not an all-year-round thing.
Anyhow, this year I had all the ingredients handy but no time on hand to make my own speculaasbrokken or kruidnoten, contrary to previous years. But YOU still have until tomorrow to make some:


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