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Life on the run

Posted on 23 Jun 2013 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Yesterday was a GREAT day:

I can't believe I'm running past the 10K's again ^^ I decided to go with the flow and pick my route as I ran. I felt I was all over the place, so did my Garmin apparently ;-) I mean, I did NOT run 18.9 K/h at any point. This amazing spike in speed happened near Huys te Warmont, where I tried to give trail running a go in the woods. After several mud-pools I gave up and so did my Garmin haha.

What got me through last week's training and runs? These babies:

I brought some to work to share with my colleagues and they got a definite seal of approval. I'm too lazy to write out a recipe, but basically it's a matter of mixing all ingredients (listed at the bottom of this post), except for the 30 g raw cocoa butter + 30 g raw cacao liquor + 1 tbsp agave syrup, in a food processor equipped with S-blade until mixture comes together and holds when pinched. Then you press it into a square baking dish lined with baking paper and smooth it out. Melt the cocoa butter and liquor on low heat, sweeten with agave syrup, and spread on top of fudge layer. Sprinkle with salt and raw cocoa nibs if you fancy and let it set in the fridge. Cut into many tiny chunks:

These fudge squares are highly addictive and very satisfying. Three is all it takes to squash my cravings.

So go make some and share some.

Just a side note: I actually used natural Acai berry powder and not goji berry powder, but either one (or both) is fine ;-)


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