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Posted on 23 Sep 2012 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Today I ran my first race. A 10K to be exact! After my first race fiasco, I decided not to mention anything about this race on the blog. You know, in case I'd jinx it. Yeah, I'm superstitious like that. It took me a long time to nurse my calves back from injury and with my bad knee I had to cut back even more on running. So instead of running 2-3 times a week, I now run 8-10K once a week. I was very anxious about today's race, but it was amazing! The sun came out and made for some beautiful running weather. It was hard not to crash and burn and I had to remind myself quite a few times to slow my pace (I could feel my calves twinging), but nevertheless I finished in 52 minutes and 10 seconds, which is a PR for me on the 10K distance. I'm so proud of myself. I'd have been proud of myself for just finishing, but this was even better! And this female runners only race (Twentse vrouwenloop) was for a good cause too: breast cancer awareness fund.
E was there to take some photos at several points along the running route (which was all University campus). First up was near the 2.5K mark (seek for fluorescent pink and ye shall find).

Clearly I was taking it easy, I mean I even had time to wave and smile:

There were quite a few photos taken from behind...

But luckily a few of my face too, with this one being my favorite:

Then there was the final sprint:

Where I basically floated towards the finish line^^

Finishing with this super time left me feeling glorious for the remainder of the day!


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