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Fat Cat

Posted on 26 Jan 2012 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

When we got our cats from the pet shelter, they were 100% unrelated. Yet they have so much in common. They were both terrified and a lot of bonding took place under our couch during the first few weeks in their new home. Now they share a love for laundry: she likes to pounce on piles of freshly washed clothes, he likes to practice his balance on our laundry drying rack. They share a love for each other. So often now I find them bundled up together, sleeping.

Now they share something new. Being overweight. They went for their yearly check-up to the vet's yesterday. Sure they've grown a bit chubby, but I didn't think it was too bad. But numbers don't lie! Our little princess had gained 0.8 kg (total weight 4.5 kg), while our homeboy had gained 0.5 kg (total weight 5 kg). As if I wasn't already shocked enough, my vet pointed out: in human terms of reference that would be going from 80 kg to 100 kg in 1 year. So now they are both fat cats. Not so funny anymore. Now I'm the food police: monitoring while they eat, making sure they eat only their own portions. Also their portion size has been reduced by 20%. In 6 weeks they'll have another weigh-in. Biggest loser, feline edition.


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