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Super Woman Cast In Pink

Posted on 24 Nov 2011 by maisha (posted in: blogs)

Remember my MRI experience? Well, turns out it was worth the discomfort. Turns out I'll be suffering a lot more discomfort in the next three months... to begin with! Guys, say hello to my right hand:

Because of my stubbornness and insistence, they ordered that MRI scan for me. And because of that they diagnosed Kienböck's disease in its earlier stages. Lucky me! Literally and sarcastically. Lucky, because this disease is usually discovered in the advanced stage, when the only option is removal of three wrist bones, leaving your wrist almost 100% immobile and dysfunctional. Lucky, because now I have a choice. Three months in a cast and another MRI to see if the disease responds to rest and my lunate bone (the one that is apparently dying) regains blood circulation, or radius reduction (simply put: sawing off a few mm of my radius bone to level it with the ulna) and then in a cast for another two months. Difficult times and decisions ahead :-( Already I find myself crying and frustrated because I can't do the simplest of things, like make myself a sandwich. But then I think of the big picture: what's a few months of difficulty now, compared to losing wrist mobility for good if I don't treat it (or hadn't discovered it)?! It's not easy, but I'll get through this. Just another obstacle to overcome. For obvious reasons I might not post as frequent or maybe not at all. After all, I'll not really have anything to post about since I'll be unable to do the things I love: cook, photograph, work, and exercise (only very moderately). But especially the not being able to cook is killing me. But when the choice is between not cooking now or never being able to cook again... well, that's not really a choice, is it?!


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